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Located in Edmonton, Alberta, we service the whole Northern Alberta region and we understand each plant will have different condition monitoring needs, and we endeavour to customize our approach to fit the needs in each case. Here is what we have found works for most companies and will give an idea of what can work:

On Site:

                We can offer full on site, advanced vibration analysis surveys during running time. These surveys will include your critical equipment, and the frequency of time between each survey is usually monthly, every 2 months, 3 months or even annually.

                As time goes on, we can use history to trend baseline expectations and this greatly bolsters our ability to foresee developing faults, well before failure.

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Included with each survey is a report that is generated by us and is not tabulated automatically using demodulation. We prefer to individually analyze each data point and use spectrum vibration analysis to catch every possible fault that may be developing. With each fault condition found, we will offer likely root causes and methods to mitigate them.

Demodulation vibration analysis is basically using preset alarms to trigger across the entire spectrum of frequencies being monitored. This is a powerful time saver and we do use it where clients have access to data trending on site. This allows mechanical personnel to know when things are in alarm with little to no training.

Remote vibration monitoring:

                Industrial vibration monitoring can be done remotely and continuously. Several oil and gas companies use our services to monitor and analyze from our office. There are operational savings using this method even though the upfront cost is higher in the short term. Contact us for a consultation and quote for these services. We offer wireless temperature and vibration sensors, triaxial vibration sensors and can install and maintain them.

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