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CAT III Senior Analyst, Ultrasound Tech and Millwright

Gaelen Van Gorkom is the owner of Santech Vibration and began his trades in dimensional lumber industry with a 5th class power engineers ticket (2006) and then began millwrighting shortly afterwards (red seal ticketed in 2015).

His passion for precision and intricate work was his motivation to leave the lumber industry and branch out into the OSB sheeting industry. This industry was his introduction into reliability and condition based monitoring.

Starting out as a Reliability Technician, he earned his Ultrasound Level 1 ticket (in 2017) and quickly rose to the position of Reliability Coordinator for the plant. This is where he met Sandy, as he often relied on Sandy’s wit and abilities to not only troubleshoot, but also to mitigate many issues (such as unbalanced fans, grease issues in critical large bearings and structural changes needed to limit vibrations on various machine centres).

Their work relationship grew into friendship, and when the time was right Gaelen moved on from the OSB industry and joined Sandy with Santech Vibration (in 2019).

Since 2019 Gaelen has earned his CAT I and CAT II and now, his CAT III vibration analyst certificate.

It is his hope to aspire to be the kind of  tradesman Sandy has been, and to teach Robert and hopefully many others the tricks of this trade, all the while growing the company as industry changes and technology increases opportunities.

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