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Monitoring the Pulse of your equipment

Machinery health and long working life is vital to industry today. Having your finger on the pulse of your rotating equipment by using state of the art vibration analysis is the best way to be aware of fault conditions developing in your components, before failure.

                            -  Advanced vibration analysis can give you time to plan and execute productive planned down time.

                  -  Demodulation vibration analysis can identify developing faults with little or no training.

-  Spectrum vibration analysis can alert you to the stresses on your machinery

  At Santech Vibration, in Edmonton, we use these techniques and our mechanical experience to alert you of these fault conditions and identify the root cause of these conditions so you can mitigate the stresses causing mechanical breakdown of your critical equipment.         

Different machines have different needs and weaknesses and using:

- Fan vibration analysis we can identify bearing health, shaft or sheave misalignment, unbalance in the blades, air turbulence, bent shafts and looseness in structure or foundation and drive belt health.

- Gearbox vibration analysis we can identify gear mesh and tooth health, misalignment of meshing teeth, misalignment between the driver (often a motor or turbine) and bearing health.

Hydraulic pump vibration analysis we can identify piston or lobe wear, bypass of fluid and bearing health

-  Journal or sleeve bearing vibration analysis can identify wear by displacement or deflection of the shaft and looseness seen in the vibration signature

- Antifriction bearing vibration analysis can identify pitting, spalling, fluting and galling in the race ways, lubrication conditions, cocked bearings, cage wear and rolling element wear.

- Pump vibration analysis we can identify loose vanes, clearance in the volute, bearing health, cavitation, unbalance, if it's operating within its engineered curve, pipe strain and misalignment to driver (usually a motor or turbine).


- Structural vibration analysis can identify looseness from broken welds, loose bolts or resonant conditions in foundation or bed plate.

- Motor vibration analysis can identify loose or broken rotor bars, softfoot, eccentricity of the stator, looseness in footing, misalignment, unbalance condition

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