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Lower Operating Costs and Identify Early Fault Conditions

Structure and air borne ultrasonic frequencies can signal different fault conditions with electrical equipment, lubrication (deficiencies) within rotating equipment, and leakage of compressed gasses.

We use ultrasonic leak detection equipment to do ultrasonic detection surveys for oil and gas field, as well and plants that have an interest in the savings of isolating air leaks in their compressed air systems. Our ultrasonic sensor detection range can be as far as 200ft. or more, depending on the source, and can detect ultrasonic emissions even in extreme industrial noise.

Ultrasonic testing of bearings can identify lack of grease and can be used to precision grease high speed motor bearings, for longer bearing life.

One ultrasonic detection service we provide is isolating tracking, arcing and corona in electrical lines and cabinets. All these services can be done without opening cabinets or entering into gated areas, for greater safety, even when lines are live.

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