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Unbalance conditions are the least expensive fault to correct and most destructive force against your rotating equipment. Dynamic balancing is a must for equipment longevity.

Centrifugal force can literally blow your fan or hammer mill to bits, or at least greatly reduce bearing life in your motors and shafts. These conditions can be caused by balance weights falling off, buildup of materials that come off in chunks, improper acceptance testing or uneven wear or damage in rotating components.

Santech Vibration has a solid track record of thousands of successful in-situ balancing contracts and provides field balancing services to Northern Alberta. Insitu balancing requires several starts and stops of the machinery and may require some welding to assure weights stay put for the life of the machine. The process is straight forward and saves you from costly replacement bills, collateral damage of adjacent machinery and lost up-time.

Whether you need industrial fan balancing, motor rotor balancing, or Hvac fan balancing,  contact us to inspect and confirm this using cross channel testing and we would love to give a quote to be on site to field balance your asset.

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