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Modern Bridge


Structures and objects all resonate at certain frequencies. Imagine the opera singer shattering glass as she sings out a high "C".

Every engine, machine, motor, stand, foundation, ceiling, catwalk.... you name it, has a natural frequency that will be excited and greatly amplified if it is excited (called resonance).

Santech Vibration is a vibration analysis company that uses bump testing or calibrated impact testing to determine the natural frequencies of structures and foundations. If resonance is suspected, we can provide full transfer function data to prove troublesome frequencies and make suggestions on how to alter the structure to move the natural frequencies away from operating frequencies of the machine, thus mitigating natural resonance conditions.

We use coast down tests on machinery to determine problematic frequencies coming from the motor and coupled machinery that could be exacerbating the structure or foundation. This technique requires the machine to be on and frequencies are recorded as it is turned off and coasts to a stop.

Resonance Testing: Text
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