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                Santech Vibration Ltd. is a well renowned vibration analyst company that was begun in 2007 by Sandy Smallwood and his wife in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The company has always been driven by Sandy’s dedication to serving others, both in teaching clients about the process of condition monitoring, and in providing stellar support and analytic aptitude to his clients on a day to day basis.

                Over the years he has trained and employed several great analysts and his last apprentice, Gaelen Van Gorkom , has now earned his CAT III Senior Analyst ISO Classification and has stepped up and taken over the day to day operation of Santech Vibration. We have also welcomed Robert Madigan as our newest apprentice and look forward to training him in the highest standards of vibration analysis, laser alignments and in situ balancing.

                Both Sandy and Gaelen are certified red seal millwrights and Level 1 ultrasound technicians, with a background in reliability studies and condition monitoring. Sandy also holds a red seal ticket in heavy duty mechanics, as does Robert, and these background trades really help the company offer their clients a well-rounded approach to troubleshooting.

                Santech Vibration employs only the best equipment available to the industry:

  • Emerson CSI 2130 data collection

  • Emerson AMS Machinery Health Software for analysing vibrational data

Emerson CSI 2130 dual head dual laser alignment addition

Emerson CSI 2130 dynamic 4 channel balancing addition

                We would be remiss to not take time to honour our Father in heaven, who has blessed our company with safety on the road (estimated over 1 million km of company driving), safety at the jobsites and in providing for all our needs. We are dedicated to the glory of God and to assist our clientele in obtaining maximum availability and reliability for all their rotating machinery.

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